What is Moroni’s Quest?

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Experience the Book of Mormon

Moroni’s Quest is a 10-month journey that allows the members of our stake to experience the Book of Mormon in a way they’ve never experienced it before. It begins with a 10-month reading program of the Book of Mormon. This isn’t just any reading program. This is a program designed to help the members of our stake not just read the Book of Mormon but study the Book of Mormon. We want all the members of our stake to participate for the next 10 months.

Moroni’s Quest will conclude with a Youth Event, June 7-10, 2017. that will take place up in Heber at a special camp ground where we will bring to life 26 reenactments from the Book of Mormon that we’ve all been reading about for the last 10 months.

“As a stake presidency we’ve been praying and thinking about what the Lord would have us do in our stake to increase the spirituality among the members. And as we’ve thought about it, and prayed about it and have taken these questions to the Lord, we’ve felt inspired to ask our stake to participate in Moroni’s Quest. We know that if our stake members will come and join us with open hearts and embrace Moroni’s Quest—allowing us to use the talents, gifts and resources that are available in our stake—it will change the lives of all the members who participate. We know this to be true. We also know that a testimony of the Book of Mormon can and will make all the difference in our lives. And this we confidently promise you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.” –President Brian Holmes
”As a Mom I’m so excited that three of our boys have the opportunity to experience this first hand. We read the Book of Mormon at home and I know that going up to Moroni’s Quest and seeing the stories come to life will help them gain their own testimonies. Then when they go out and face trials they will be able to apply what they learn and draw on those experiences.” –Maggie Holmes

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