Youth Event Clothing Instructions

Dressing Back in Time

All youth and leaders participating in the Moroni’s Quest Youth Event will be required to dress in period clothing. This includes youth, tribe leaders, camp directors, bishops, and any others who visit the camp. Each person attending the event will need two outfits and a satchel. Clothing should be simple and inexpensive.

Please review the Moroni’s Quest Clothing Guidelines for more details and ideas. Attendees may work with their Ward Clothing Representative to help prepare their clothing.

Brief Overview of Clothing Requirements:

  • Tunics: Tunics should be 2-3 inches below the knee, have a capped sleeve or longer and be a tunic, dress, or shirt/skirt combo for both young men and young women. They should be large enough to be worn over regular clothing (t-shirts, knee-length shorts or pants), loose enough to allow for movement and lightweight due to the expected hot weather.
  • Shoes: Two pairs of comfortable closed toe shoes. No sandals or flip-flops.
  • Shorts: Knee length shorts should be worn under all Nephite attire at all times. You should bring at least two pairs of shorts.
  • Shirts: T-Shirts should be worn under tunics or other types of tops that are open on the sides or neckline. It is recommended that you bring at least two t-shirts.
  • Satchel: Satchels should be approximately 10 x 12 inches with an over-the-shoulder strap.
  • Head gear: Head gear including hats and scarves are allowed and strongly encouraged to protect you from the sun.
  • Embellishments: Headbands, armbands, ankle and calf ornaments, belts, drapes, vests, shoulder shawls, collars, and jewelry can all be added to make your apparel unique.
  • Restrictions: No camis/tank tops, short shorts, flip flops, open toed shoes, personal jewelry, modern fabrics, including pink leopard, floral prints, camo, neon, etc. In addition, skin/face painting or temporary tattoos will not be allowed.
  • Note: Please review the Requirements and ideas for Nephite Apparel for Moroni’s Quest downloadable document for full details on requirements and restrictions.
    Search PINTEREST: “Moroni’s Quest Clothing” for additional ideas.

No-Sew Outfits

No-sew clothing can be inexpensive, easy and fun to create. Tunics may be created with inexpensive cotton fabric and duct tape. Medical scrub tops can be embellished by adding trim around the neck and sleeves with either hot glue, safety pins or iron-on material. Shirts and scrubs may have holes punched in and a leather string strung through the neckline. Twin sheets can be quickly converted into a full tunic with minimal or no sewing and a belt.

Sewn Outfits

Attendees who wish to sew their tunics, there are written instructions available. In addition, there are several easy-sew options. Using three yards of non-fraying jersey knit with a couple of seams will create two dresses. Contact Kella Scott for more detail. Another idea was to sew a couple of dollar-store floor mats to make a skirt. Don’t forget that iron-on seam can help simplify your effort.

Purchased Outfits

Finally, there are several inexpensive options for purchasing clothes. Each of the outfits shown here cost between 10 and 15 dollars. Contact Esther Helser for more details.